Domestic Epiphany

I made a staggering discovery today.

Did you know that if you iron your shirts while still damp: on top of drying faster, it also presses them better?!?

Crazy stuff, I tell you.

A feminine presence is dearly lacking in this household at the moment (I kid, I kid… don’t kick my incompetent chauvinist male pig’s ass).


  1. A couple of years ago, the wife and I were ten-pin bowling. I was drunk and told her that if she beat me, I would do all the ironing for the next year.
    Subsequent events taught me that ironing tip 🙂

  2. Podz, you, my friend, deserved what befell you for your stupidity 😛

    I feel I may have been slightly misunderstood on that one though: yes, I am a bit slow when it comes to many domestic activities, but I am well aware of the virtues of that water spraying things (for reasons similar to DT’s, even if in my case it rather involved stealing the device, filling it with miscellaneous corrosive solutions and running after my brother through the house). What I meant is: washing your clothes and pressing them before they are completely dry. I would have never found that trick, hadn’t all my shirts been either at the drycleaner’s or hanging damp outside, on that morning.

    But otherwise: yea, I’m clearly ahead of my time… And not only in that regard either.

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