1. Oh wow! You were there! I was either spending time at the Kyoto Journal booth, or simply walking around with a perma-grin on. I’m actually in this pictue, in a black T-shirt standing behind the guy in yellow. Was that storm crazy or what?

  2. Ted,

    Just for info, since it’s not really obvious: this wasn’t me [dr Dave] speaking, but our co-guest-moblogger and keitai godess extraordinaire: Tracey (I really need to devise a system to clearly identify each author in the archives)…

    As for me: the trip to Sado sounded lovely and deliciously hippyish, but if I recall correctly, I was at the time entering a phase of acute studying frenzy that left roughly enough time once a day to refresh my caffeine IV catheter once a day, but little else.
    That and I didn’t even have ten yens on my name I could afford to spend on macramé or the boat trip there.

    But who knows, maybe next time…

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