Tags – Updated!

Not in a blogging mood today, so instead, I finally installed a new plugin to support tagging.

Much to say about tagging later on, but for now, go check out the tag cloud in the categories menu above. Cool innit? Slowly working my way through my old entries, only entries up to June 2004 are correctly tagged at the mo.

UPDATE: moved the tags over to their own page (and tagged a few more entries). It’s all here now.

Nifty innit?



  1. Tracey: yea kinda 🙂
    Although not mandatory, and it’s important to respect the folksonomy of the blog (for example, avoid using the tag “cat”, if “cats” has been using everywhere else): check out the tags on existing entries for an idea of how tagging needs to be done (it’s sometimes hard to figure what is tag proper and what is part of the category or doens’t really belong in a tag).

    As for adding the tags themselves, nothing’s easier! Thanks to Mark’s awesome add-on plugin, you just need to click on the tag list at the bottom of your posts, and it will let you edit them.

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