Coming Out

Calm down: not my coming-out.

Beside, ever since these pictures of me, in my favorite electric blue vinyl pants and see-through mesh shirt, dancing to Ellen‘s set at the Stud have made it all over the internet, there’s scant little to Come Out of.

Indeed, loose morals and sexual deviance run rampant in the family, and my attention-whore of a little brother decided to up me one: he finally operated his carefully and anxiously planned official Coming Out to both of our loving, yet expectedly old-school, parents.

Even though we were both raised with open-mindedness and respect as core values of our education, this isn’t exactly an easy news to break to the people who are by now routinely asking him when they’ll get to meet “the lucky one”…

So I thought I’d seize the occasion to congratulate him on his courage, on the important life choices and decisions he made, tell him that I am as proud of him as any big brother could ever be and wish him lots of happiness in love as in many other things.

Oh, and you may wonder why it happens that two brothers are blogging in two different languages? Well, it’s a long and complicated story, and I’ll spare the spoilers to the rare few out there who still haven’t downloaded seen Episode 3 (hint: he is the one with the ridiculous Bavarian hairdo, I am the one who gets to blow things up).


  1. Laurent: sharp as a bowling ball, aren’t we 😉 I thought it was pretty obvious… I’ll send you pictures if you want: he’s a cutie.

    Nikkiana: why don’t you ask him yourself? I’m sure he’ll be more than happy to oblige. Not gonna start running a translation service for everybody…

    Tracey: thanks honey, we love you too!

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