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Don’t mind the noise in the background: still a few Apple fanboys around the world finishing themselves with WWDC keynote reruns. Man, what a mess the conference hall floor must have been.

A few thoughts to dump on top of the 20 millions (conservative estimate) blatantly unqualified comments on Apple’s recent decision to stick it to IBM and go with Intel:

  • Damn was it a near-miss: a few more months and Apple may have unwittingly found itself using a technology shared with more than 5% of the planet. What with these damn console-makers and their ugly mainstream uses for our best kept PowerPC secret.
  • Twenty years after 1984: “We have always been at war with Eurasia, Eastasia is our ally, RISC sucks, CISC rocks”.
  • To actually state or honestly believe in the statement that recompiling any piece of software made to run on a Big-endian RISC platform, to run on a Little-endian CISC CPU, is a matter of counting to ten and check the box, you have to either be 1) Steve Jobs 2) Currently listening to Steve Jobs and surfing high on a wave of distortion field, or: 3) a technically incompetent moron.
  • “Every Mac developer will happily port/recompile all their executables to follow the move. It will all go smooth and quickly”. After all, it’s only the 3rd time in less than 10 years, that Apple ask them to bend over backward for their pretty eyes.
  • “Adobe/Macromedia and Microsoft, in particular, cannot wait to help their biggest buddy and port their products on the next version of OS X, where they’ll be competing with Apple’s own in-house developments.”
  • “Emulation works just the same as the real thing”
  • That last piece of beautifully-designed overpriced piece of crap I bought, was quite likely my last Apple hardware purchase, ever. Joy. (Oh yea, I know, the thing about “not running on non-Apple PCs”, ha ha ha, you funny people).

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  1. As another indication of how ‘smooth’ the switch from PPC to Intel will be: Apple aren’t putting Intel chips in their decent machines (come on, the Mac Mini is little more than a typewriter) until mid-to-end 2007. In other words it’ll take that long for anything other than OS X and iWork to function on Intel.

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