Safari finally got Undo!

This is quite possibly the most pointless item posted to this blog to date (all right, competition is tough there), but I’m so ecstatic I can’t contain it (yea, I have no life):

Safari apparently received a minor update in the last OS X package (the ones that gets downloaded and installed quasi-silently through the Update manager), and they have finally fixed the “Undo bug”!

Retarded as it may sound, especially to those people who still think MSIE is a real browser and have never experienced the luxury of Safari browsing with font anti-aliasing (much the way of psychoactive substances, sorry to say that you just cannot understand if you’ve never tried. trust me), there was a quasi-bug in Safari that prevented the use of the Undo command when editing text in a form. Which basically meant any long text (blog entry, comment etc) had to be typed somewhere else, and copy-pasted at the end (ever had a full 50-line entry disappear forever because you mistakenly selected the whole text and typed over it? I have). Or using Firefox, if you don’t mind the absence of anti-aliasing goodness.

But the Bug has been fixed.

You can now hit Apple-Z to fix any mistake you make when typing entire novels in a tiny web form.

This is awesome.

I am so not ironic on this one, for once.

Even better: it does multiple-undo/redo (I guess that’s quite the standard for applications nowadays). Basically, give me multiple undo in all applications, throw in a similar thing to do multiple copy/paste (I depend on copy/paste: no short-term memory whatsoever, too much drugs) and I’ll be content with OS technology not making a single other step forward for the rest of this decade…

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