Redesign in Progress

Started playing around with a new layout for this blog.

Not the final version by any mean…

I had to separate the redesign in two phases. This is only the first phase: structural changes.

Second phase (actual theme change) will come later, when I’ll be done with the coding and can concentrate on finding inspiration (I cannot code on mushrooms: just doesn’t work).


  1. Gee, why are people always dissing Kubrick? Your design is very slick; I like it ten times more with the new header. And your tagline… haha… [edit: Wait! it changed on me… I was referring to the snowflake one] What does the Title say? Ze Dr. Dave? Is it Katakana or Hiragana? dr dave ++++++++++++++++ 🙂

  2. Definitely like the new redesign, Dave. Have you thought about adding in some plugins, such as the ‘post views’, the trackback counter, or even putting in some gravatars in the comments area? Just some things to consider about creating your design. Keep up the good work 🙂

  3. Kikka!


    Everybody else
    Thanks for the [backhanded] compliments… 😛
    Of course it look[ed] like Kubrick! I hadn’t even started the actual design yet. I focussed on getting the whole sideblog integration working (and it works quite nice by now 🙂 now is time for more visual goodness. And as you can see now, there ain’t much Kubrick left. And the first one who contends that it is kubrickish because it’s got round corner and a blue background will be locked out of the spacepod in no time…

  4. Hmm……. I thought yours was one of the best 3 column designs I’d seen. It all just worked so damn well together. Still .. you made that so I’ll wait for the demise of the rounded corner 🙂

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