Paris Hilton

I cannot possibly be the only one to have noticed that the girl basically has one. single. pose.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m sure she has potential to make it into every college fratboy top ten shaggable. when she gets the coke-induced twitching under control.

But the fact this ridiculously cheap 20 degrees left, 30 degrees down, naughty-girl-with-malicious-eye-and-mischievous-smile is what nowadays passes for a paragon of charm, or even plain basic sex-appeal, is a sad testament to that pathetic MTV culture we live in.

And the fact I just took the time to write this, an even sadder testament to the very low level of productivity of my afternoon.


  1. i was amazed on my last trip to narita to see to japanese girls being all excited over some pink PH scrap book, full of pictures and only english text … i mean .. is she kind of a role model now ? hey girls, leave the video cam rolling and leak the footage on the internet to become famous … great message

  2. Xavier:
    Great, can’t wait to see the next fresh boatload of morons looking to see Paris Hilton’s tits while she’s making out with a pokemon or something…

    Regarding her theatrical debut, I don’t think even the cathartic pleasure of seeing her diced by some weird psycho-killer will ever make convince me to sit through what looks like a strong contestant for Summer stink bomb of the year. I mean: in that trailer, she successfully manages to convey her absolute inability to act with less than 5 seconds of aggregated screen time. I say that’s quite impressive.

    “leave the camera rolling” and leak it on the internet? Why, that sounds like a great plan… You think it might be the emergence of a trend?

    Ozzy rather than Paris? Well, be my guest…
    Though I think if I had to go with a lifeless, prematurely aged, drugged-up corpse, I’d probably take the one who’s least likely to soil him/herself on my bed.

    In all fairness, while she won’t be remembered for her ability to transcend the definition of charm and sexiness throughout the ages, P.H. is most certainly in the above-average category. As far as twiggy, mammary-enhanced, bleached socialites go, that is.

    That being said, I wouldn’t want her near any part of my body without appropriate radiation shielding and venereal disease protection.

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  4. Damn, I must have done strange things during my latest drug binge, ’cause I’m pretty sure I never subscribed to BlogClicker… Then again, yea… I’ve been known to do weirder things.

    As for the crowbar: seriously, I’m not sure I’d want to. Sounds slightly inhumane… You really don’t know what she might do to that poor innocent crowbar.

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