Solving math equations might not be the best thing for my manic-depressive tendencies.

Don’t know what’s more pathetic: that I will lose sleep over an unsolved problem, or that, each time I finally solve one, I start jumping around the room like a maniac for the next 20 minutes (Eriko still refuses to let me carve victory marks on the table).


  1. Neuro…
    Ok, people who get a hard-on when their favorite team does something cool with a ball on a field of grass are not pathetic. More like a complete waste of cerebral cortex. In the immortal words of the great Albert, these people would do just as fine with only a spine.

    As for computer programming or any other stimulating activity, yea, I guess it’s about the same… Generally speaking, I will be unable to go to sleep on something unfinished, no matter what time. But few disciplines can yield the same level of frustration as Mathematics, and, consequently, few yield the same sort of satisfaction when you crack a stupid two-line problem after banging your head on a wall for 10 hours.

  2. hey quick question…if i had to make a 6 digit sequence out of 52 #s how many possible sequences would there b and what formula would u use to come up with an answer for such a question….i’m pretty sure i learned how to do such a math problem in middle school but i forgot…help me please!

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