A bit shaky, innit…

The good thing about being up and coding at 5 in the morning, is that you don’t have to wake up in sweat to run for the nearest table, when some underground traffic jam comes up.

Brief, but definitely one of the strongest shake I have ever felt in Tokyo.

This kinda makes up for last month’s tectonic joyride where I was passed out in my bed.

Oh, and one small piece of advice: never leave an open box of sugar on the edge of a shelf in a country prone to earthquakes. Actually, cross that, never have any piece of furniture rising over 3 feet.

Update: According to the news report, it went up to a 5 (Japanese scale) in the Ibaraki area. Not quite sure how that measures up in Richter scale, but that’s quite big (level 7 being total annihilation)…


  1. Of course not!
    If you hurry, you might even get here for the big one (the one where half of Tokyo will be swallowed by the earth, while tsunamis and Mount Fuji eruptions will be ravaging the rest of the country)… Come on over, it’ll be fun!

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