1. Like – Are you in love with yourself? Borrrrring. Thanks to
    Homer. (lol) Why waste your life posting nonsense? Others are forced to waste their lives looking for useful BLOGS. Toot Toot

  2. I am gonna be kind and just assume that you are some kind of strange spam-like contraption… Because frankly, the possibility that you might be an actual Internet user who really thought it necessary to drop that kind of pearls here (“Thanks to Homer. LOL”, now come on…) is just too depressing…
    I hope you won’t mind the fact that I removed your other similarly pathetic comments (only left this one as a testimony, and also because I love myself a good troll every once in a while) and blacklisted your IP: after all, your commenting does reek of some sort of spammish scam, and one can’t be too cautious these days.
    Feel free not to ever browse or [attempt to] comment on this blog. I hear they got really good stuff over at LiveJournal.com…

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