1. Mariko and Jason;
    Implementing a keitai log wasn’t really hard, but required a fair amount of geekery.
    I wrote a plugin that does most of the job (you email the pics from your keitai, it will create thumbnails and post them in a specific category): wp-keitai-mail.
    It works pretty well, as far as I know, but requires a bit of knowledge about mail servers and the like (not necessarily something you want to have to get your hands into).
    If you wanna give it a try, though, check out the file and doc and let me know by email if you need some help setting it up on your server.

  2. PS: one of the nice thing about wp-keitai-mail is its ability to support as many users as you want, which means you can have different people each contributing to the keitai log under their own name… For example, this very post wasn’t posted by me, but by Mr. Atsushi, last surviving Samurai of the Modern Ages…

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