Home Alone

My roommate is leaving on vacation this morning. Gonna go spend a week in the bled and two weeks in Paris.

That means I have the place for myself and an endless array of options unrolling before my eyes:

I could have a few people over and finally shoot that “movie” we’ve been meaning to do for a long time now… although we would first need to get ahold of the gerbils and the fifty pots of Nutella chocolate spread required by the plot. Not easy to find authentic Nutella in Tokyo, especially bulk quantities.. I can see the Nutella (and maybe the goats too) being an issue.

And do not discuss the brand choice or offer some cheap local alternative: you do not expect me to compromise my artistic vision because of some measly geographical impediments.

Alternatively, I could just stock up on frozen pizza, rice and a case of Lychee-flavored Fanta (best. flavor. ever), turn off my cell phone and avoid any interaction with the outside world for a week or two. As an optional part, homemade brownies with uncle Herb special secret ingredients might be added to the plan. I can see some potential in that.

One thing is sure: the whole skipping-the-shower part is not likely. I will definitely be sticking with my four showers a day. At least as long as Tokyo’s average temperature persist in hovering above neuron melting-point temperature.

Anyway, we shall shortly be figuring out the best use to make of our newly lowered social responsibilities and concomitant increase of living space. If it involves anything funny and somewhat legal in at least a few US states, I’ll be sure to let you know.


  1. Well, we had to give up on the movie idea, essentially due to pressure from the local chapter of the SPCA. That’s unfair (these were consenting goats) and the crew was very disappointed, but what can you do.
    I went for rice and gyoza instead of frozen pizza: easier and probably more health conscious. And might opt for the reclusive option, especially since there are still about 400 pages of quadratic integrals I know much less about than I’m supposed to.

    Yea, I’m not too sure how well that project’s gonna hold…

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