Remember this party I’m playing at tomorrow?

Well, Frenchy sent an email on the Mailing List to promote it and because one of the DJ is a resident at Buddha Bar in Paris, we mentioned:

Come early as some Buddha Bar CDs will be given out,
compliments of the Buddha Bar, Paris.

Guess what we received this afternoon:


How can I ever get my hands on some Buddha Bar CD compilations!

I’ve turned sooooooo many people onto the series…… But not
everywhere I shop has them. Hey it can’t hurt to ask, right?

DTour Inc.

danny tenaglia  🙂

Yes, apparently, not only is Danny on our mailing list, but he also actually reads these emails (he’s probably the only one who still does). And he is into Buddha Bar Compilations.

02fluid-buddha.jpgHow to get a procrastinating egotistic fucker to get off his lazy ass and finally get the plane tix he’s been supposed to purchase for the past three weeks?

Easy: put him down as one of the headliners for some random gig in a new club, print the flyers, then let him know about it.

… leaving for SF on Wednesday.

… playing there on Thursday… more dates to come.