As you can tell, I’m having a lot of fun playing with colors and my page template…

I eventually came to terms with reality, depressing though it might be: black-all-over, with hues of neon blue here and there, is only really cool for insecure teenagers who like to listen to depressingly bad goth music and took for the safest route in terms of noncommittal fashion decisions. Furthermore, it made it literally painful to read my already laborious ranting.

Beside, white is the new black.

It was high time for a change.

Hence, the current “experimental” aspect of my site… I’m in the process of finalizing a palette of subtle pastel tones that accurately reflect my impeccable tastes and preferably match my delicate complexion. Lots need to be done in terms of harmonizing the code, so bear with me and the many weird visual glitches in the meantime.

And by the way, since I was at it, I decided to try and give a crap about how bad the css looked on certain browsers and platforms that we won’t name so as not to bring any more shame on Microsoft. Thanks to some research and the experience of other users dealing with MS inept support of common Web Standards. I was able to topically disable unsupported css depending on browsers.

Now the page looks ok (or not any worse) on every platforms and browsers I could put my hands on (which means IE, Mozilla and Safari on Windoze and OS X: I’m not the kind of guy who’s gonna go check if his page supports Opera, WebTV and Hitachi Microwaves Oven)… Need I say it definitely looks its best on real browsers.

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