Electric Sheeps

Though I’m not such a huge comics fan (especially the online kind…) the stuff at Electric Sheep Comics really caught my eye.

Not only does this guy really put the web format to good use, with a few very subtle animations and some nifty interactive tricks here and there, but some of the stories make a pretty good reading, tackling serious issues in an original way.

His last piece, Delta Thrives is a bit too mushy new-agey for my taste, though not totally uninteresting and featuring some beautiful graphics… but the series I really liked, was his sci-fi take on the recent US war in Afghanistan, the Spiders, which features both over-the-top, though not so stupid, ideas for what war could be in an alternate dimension, what it could become some day, as well as accurate commentaries on what it already is these days…

The oddly familiar Overheard @ the Rave, “Written in Willits, California September, 1997“, brought back many fond memories of one of my favorite place under the sun… (and by the way, her name is Kelly, and she likes to watch the stars hint, hint).

The life of wannabe-pioneers of the dot.com era and the arising of the golden computer age will sound eerily close to home to anybody who’s lived in SF somewhere around the late 90’s… Ahhh, the cyber-dream…

Definitely a worthwhile way to kill a few minutes in front of your computer.

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