Remove Twitter’s intrusive ad content from feed in Safari…

For a multitude of reasons, I am no fan of ad-supported apps or contents. Unfortunately, I am in the minority there, and major net services overwhelmingly rely on increasingly sneaky ad-placement strategies to “monetise” their eyeball traffic.

Twitter does it in a particularly irritating way, by inserting ads “promoted content” straight into the feed, with only the tiniest of indication that what you are seeing was not posted by someone you know, but by some random paying customer.

Fortunately, if you use Safari on a mac, there is an easy fix for that:

  1. Open a command shell.
  2. Copy-paste the following two lines (make sure to hit return at the end):

    echo '.promoted-tweet {display:none;!important;}' > ~/Documents/hide_promoted_tweets.css
    defaults write UserStyleSheetEnabled 1 && defaults write UserStyleSheetLocationURLString "~/Documents/hide_promoted_tweets.css" && defaults write WebKitUserStyleSheetEnabledPreferenceKey 1 && defaults write WebKitUserStyleSheetLocationPreferenceKey "~/Documents/hide_promoted_tweets.css"

  3. Done!

Note 1: you can easily modify the above to highlight/mark promoted tweets rather than hiding them completely, by changing the ‘display:none’ part (e.g. replacing it by ‘background-color:yellow‘).

Note 2: alternatively, if you don’t want/know how to run command lines in OS X:

  1. Download this very basic css file1.
  2. Open Safari’s Preferences, click on the “Advanced” tab.
  3. In the “Style Sheet” section, select “Other…” and browse to the file you just downloaded/created.
  1. or you can just create a new file with this single line in it: .promoted-tweet {display:none;!important;} (don’t forget the full stop at the start). []

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