(Late) Spring Cleaning



Pick-up location is in Togoshi (near Gotanda), approx 5 mins walk from 2 stations. Can possibly arrange to meet elsewhere for smaller items.

Everything free OBO1.

Panasonic Dehumidifier F-YE60-A

Couple years old, barely ever used and still in original box.



Time to learn a cool new traditional instrument!

Click for details…2

Camping Tent

Captain Stag M3105 tent

Fits about 2-3 people. Might be missing 1 or 2 stakes (easily replaceable). Overall great shape but outer layer (rain cover) is no longer waterproof: no holes AFAIK, but the fabric needs to be treated with waterproofing spray again…


Ugly (but thick) Curtains: 2 x ~110cm (w) x 130cm (h)


Random crap (Electronics):

iPhone 4S (white) 16GB

Mint condition (always used with protective case).

Locked to Softbank (you will only be able to use it with SoftBank or SoftBank-affiliated MVNO)


iPod Touch 3rd gen 32GB (MC008J) fully functional. Actually not a bad gizmo for your music-playing usage and (very light) app needs…

iPod Touch 8GB with broken display (probably not good for anything but who knows…)

IMG_2644 2IMG_2643 2

Panasonic Leica Lumix DMC-TZ5

Any fans of outdated digital cameras out there? For that real authentic pixel feel, you know?

IMG_2645 2

Comically horridly-reviewed Braun MobileShave M303
Never ever used, I promise (my friends are awesome, but sometimes very uninspired when it comes to birthday gifts).

Soon-to-be-binned junk: obviously not worth a trip, but on the off-chance you’re seeing me soon, or if you are interested in any of the above and would like any of these thrown in.

  • USB Universal memory card reader
  • Memory Stick ProDuo 2GB
  • Pristine AU Galakei W62S (does anyone still use these things???)
  • Sony Earphones (go round the ear)
  • USB hubs: 2 self-powered, 1 with additional power
  • DVI-VGA monitor cable adapter
  • USB extension cord
  • (Old-type) Magsafe adapter cable for MacBooks (can be used on recent ones with an adapter).
  • IrDA remotes for (old) Macbooks
  • USB phone charger packs (need batteries)
  • AU galakey phone charger
  • Ethernet cables

Even More Random crap:

Two rolls of Anti-UV semi-reflective film coating for windows (for people who want to keep the sun and/or their neighbours out).

1DTE_w-reflection Two one-month-supply boxes of Acuvue TruEye one-day contacts. Two years left on expiration date. Eye correction: -6.5 and -7.5

Guess it wasn’t a very bright idea to refill my prescription a week before getting LASIK, huh.


  1. A bottle of wine or pack of beer is always welcome! []
  2. four-legged, meowing, supply of strings sold separately []
  3. Ideal for a gift to someone you hate []