I have been dragging a stuffy nose for weeks months now and wake up each day with a fit of dry cough that makes me feel like I’m about to hack up a lung for good. Starting to worry a little bit.

Have I…

  • … got common flu?
  • … pneumonia?
  • … Black Lung disease?
  • lupus?
  • … watched one House MD episode too many?


  1. soliciting advice? I know: You caught a virus through the e-mail. When you get the blue face of death, post a picture and ye internet gods may grant pity on you and forgive you of your misdeeds.

    seriously, it’s been a while since your last post so let me know you’re alive, or is someone else making the text orange on wpp? eww, now that’s sick!

    my other advice is stop dragging your nose. Carry it high in the Parisian fashion of your day. Who knows what kind of bacteria could be crawling through your nose now?

    Suppose it is lupus, is it a Michael Jackson kind of lupus or Seal lupus or Millie lupus?

  2. Doc, barley grass + green tea. Not necessarily together. Very powerful antioxidants. Take the barley grass every morning, first thing. Don’t eat breakfast (your body needs until 12pm to detox. properly).

    Hmmm… apparently Dr. House is not very medically accurate.

    PS: I felt a bit ill when I “lived” in Paris for a month. It’s not exactly the cleanest place I’ve been to!

  3. First of all: thanks to anybody who expressed concern for my health, I’m fine, and it was mostly coincidence that my month long hiatus should happen with this post on my frontpage. Reasons for my silence were mostly a mix of busy schedule, writer’s block and lack of appropriate mood. I think we’ll be improving things from now on.

    Now onto particular comments:

    ElizaF: A month off the TV is no particular feat, seeing how I don’t own a TV. A month off the internet might be much tougher. Not sure about gnawing on garlic though.

    Devin: As a general rule, I am rather against introducing anything foreign into my nostrils (well, nowadays at least, I am). But salt water cleansing has been tried a while back, with mediocre results…

    Joachim: If I drink any more tea than I do these days, I’m gonna start growing leaves on my back.

    Matt: Actually, you know what, it seems I *really* had less problems with Tokyo’s air than Paris’… So you might not be so far off after all… Also: What’s up? Been a long time… How’s Tokyo treating your nostrils, these days?

    Steph: I have considered dust mites… and although I don’t have any carpeting in my room, it’s one of the things that makes most sense… Except I’m not too sure what to do about it (obviously, I keep it all clean, and I’m not really gonna burn my whole mattress just now)…

    Geoff: Thanks for your concern. I think I’ll survive.’s issues were mostly due to other server issues I had to solve in a rush. Its current in-between state is result of my having zero time left outside of university+work and the current helping hand being on vacation for a few days. I’m not even quite sure where some of the current CSS is coming from (some changes were made, and at one point I had to do emergency touch-up to keep it usable)… But worry not: it’ll improve, and feel free to get in touch if you wanna put any hand in it again…
    At any rate, thanks for the awesome work you’ve done so far!

    Cheers everybody and welcome back to me.

  4. Pour les acariens, il y a des housses que tu peux mettre sur le matelas qui les gardent dedans (en suisse c’est remboursé par les assurances maladie sur ordonnance du médecin). Je crois qu’il y a aussi des produits que tu peux utiliser. Sinon, effectivement, garder propre, garder frais (les petites bêtes aiment pas le froid), changer régulièrement de literie, et mettre le duvet à la machine avec programme anti-acariens si tu as ça et s’il le tolère.

  5. Dr. Dave,
    I assume that the term dr. is irrelevant here.
    You could have bronchitis as I myself suffered from many bouts of that when younger, along with pneumonia and TB in one lung. Lupus? I didn’t know those were symptoms..Have to check that for HOUSE..I can easily get abit paranoid after watching him..I would let House fix me any day though..nasty streak and all.
    I wrote my first blog on being sick with the can seeit here.

  6. Hi,
    Just do some plain steam deep inhalation, twice / thrice a day i.e. on getting up in the morning, before sleeping, and once during daytime (if possible). Inhale deep inside, through the nostrils, and the mouth alternately – then rinse out with water. It will induce some coughing too, which will help – the steam will clean out the sinuses, airways and help you get rid of the secretions which have got deposited, and are not coming out. You will get much better sleep also. A good 5 minutes of steam will be required in the beginning, as you seem to have lots of gunk inside you – the cause of your chronic symptoms.
    For a nice steam machine (and NOT the cold Ultrasonic vaporiser though), just buy one from Walgreens or CVS – its about 13-15 bucks, the last time I checked.
    And remember to drink at least a half a glass of water 10-15 minutes before deep inhalation of steam. It will rehydrate you and help in removal of secretions faster.

    R A, M.D.

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