1. Hey Dave … looks like you finally found my little birthday surprise I smuggled into your room. This mouse is trained to scare away ugly girls and mix killer Gin & Tonics!!!

    Happy Birthday Man!!!

    Drinks are on me when you get to Torino 🙂

  2. Peter

    You’re too kind. Then again, I’ve officially given up on alcohol as of today and as for girls, ugly or not, I do the scaring job pretty well by myself. You’re on for drinks, though I also owe you one when you get to Paris. Let’s see who makes it first.


    We went for a more traditional, faster and more efficient method. But thanks for the suggestion.

    Daily Dog

    This has been considered. Unfortunately: 1) French people seem very unconcerned with the well-being of small urban rodents and humane ways to ward them off one’s apartment. 2) woods are dearly lacking in Paris downtown. 3) neighbourhood residents may not look too kindly on my releasing undomesticated mice on their doorsteps.

    In the end, our cohabitation was not gonna work. I am generally not that fussy with my roommates, but I like it better when they don’t gnaw on my food or use my floors as personal toilet.

    I picked the only mouse trap they had at the hardware store next-door and, despite being none too thrilled at the prospect of having to finish a mouse glued to a piece of cardboard (the dying-of-the-mouse part, I could live with, it’s mostly the killing-of-the-mouse part I mind. Yea I’m a hypocrite, but at least I’m upfront about it).

    In conclusion, let me tell you that, much worse than having to drown a half-living mouse because you still aren’t gonna leave it to die of starvation on its trap as the directions recommends, is having to do so, when half drunk out of your mind, half hangover, on the day following your birthday. Good times indeed.

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